Permaculture as a Way of Living

evolve LIVE! online event with Rob Hopkins

TIME: Friday, May 19 from 18:00-21:00 CET. For you location, please check World Time Buddy.

With Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Town Movement and
Thomas Steininger, editor of evolve Magazine and Co-Founder of emergent dialogues
How can we bring regenerative cultures to our neighborhoods?
“The transition movement is about communities who are reimagining and rebuilding the world. I think the balance between imagining and doing is essential. The transition movement holds those imagining spaces at the community scale which I call a “what-if-space”. We need to create these “what-if-spaces” as communities, because no one else is doing them.
The transition movement approach is: We come together as people who live in a place and care about the place. We inform ourselves about the challenges that we have and then we dream together. Imagination is something that we can do on our own. We all have our own personal imagination, but the radical imagination, the world changing imagination I’m talking about, is something we do with other people.”“We need to be able to fill people’s imagination with possibility, stories, longing, desire and a belief that is about moving towards a future that’s so irresistible and delicious that we have no choice. If it feels like we’re being dragged away from something irreplaceable, we’re not going to do it. So, we have to create that kind of longing. And that’s the work of imagination, music, poetry, storytelling and art.” (Rob Hopkins, the co-founder of the Transition Town Movement in evolve Magazine)

The Transition Town Movement inspires many people how we can build a regenerative culture in our towns, cities and neighborhoods. Rob Hopkins one of the founders of the Transition Town Movement, originally studied Permaculture landscaper and found that the way we could live together in a regenerative way has a lot to do with how nature organizes itself.

Regeneration looks to nature to design new human systems that are aligned with life, rather than seeking to use and extract from nature.

“I was 22 when I first discovered permaculture and I studied and taught it for many years. This rewired my brain in a way that I’m still enormously grateful for because it distils the wisdom and insights from nature in an understandable way. It says, whatever we design, we need to base it on how nature designs. Nature is really good at designing things and has been for a very, very long time. This way, you learn systems thinking and complexity in a very practical way. At the same time, you learn to see possibilities everywhere. When you walk down the street , you see every lawn as a potential food garden. You see every wall as a potential place for things to grow. You see every roof as a potential solar power station and for harvesting water. You see possibilities everywhere. When we started the transition movement, we wanted to take those principles of permaculture to design a post fossil fuel society.”“If we did everything the climate scientists tell us that we have to do in the next ten years, we need to completely reimagine everything. And I keep saying to people: “Imagine if we actually did that! Imagine, living through a revolution of the imagination where we reimagined education, finance, school, streets and everything. What an incredible, exhilarating, phenomenal time to be alive that would be!
When the stories that we tell ourselves about the future are about extinction or collapse, they paralyse us. I want people to wake up every morning feeling exhilarated by the possibilities of what we could create now and how that would be like.” (Rob Hopkins, the co-founder of the Transition Town Movement in evolve Magazine)

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