A Dialogue of Dialogues

How different forms of dialogue can create synergy

DATE: Friday, May 13

TIME: 7 to 10 pm CEST (For you location, please check World Time Buddy.)

With Guy Sengstock, founder of the Circling Method
and Dr. Thomas Steininger, co-founder of emergent dialogue

In the last decade, we-space practices and new forms of dialogue have sprouted up in many corners of the world. In the decades before this, meditation and mindfulness practices spread from the cultural fringe into the mainstream. A shift in focus has happened. Practices that used to be very much focused on our individual awareness and growth are now seeding collective practices that hold a new cultural potential. The emphasis on the individual is being transcended and included as we learn to cultivate the intelligence and wisdom of the space between us.
Circling is a dialogical practice known worldwide. It is a practice of authentic relating interpersonally, enabling deep connection to others and their experience. Circling is sometimes described as a kind of interpersonal meditation. The space of focus is on relationships and social interactions, rather than on one’s individual body sensations.
emergent dialogue developed over the last 30 years as a collective practicethat focuses on a new, intersubjective We-Space. Some call it Interbeing. Through emergent dialogue, the relational space between us becomes aware of itself, which opens a new potential for our relatedness.
Circling and emergent dialogue are different but also very related. Circling focuses on the connection to the Other; emergent dialogue focuses on the synergetic space that opens up when we are aware of the living nature within the space between us.
Guy and Thomas have started a series of conversation where they investigate how these two forms of dialogue can learn from each other, how they can be complementary, and, together, create a new whole.

In their first joint public seminar, they want to experiment and investigate what happens when two forms of dialogue come into dialogue.


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