Listening to the Logos in the Dialogos

Dialogue as a living source of meaning: On the relevance of dialogue that lives from the we-space

evolve LIVE! with John Vervaeke

The world “dialogue” is often misunderstood to mean a conversation between two people. But the actual root of the word means “Logos”—the Word or divine wisdom—comes through (“dia”). There is a potential in dia-logos for something to happen between us that is both sacred and meaningful. In this 3-hour event, John Vervaeke, Professor of Cognitive Science at the University of Toronto in Canada, joins Thomas Steininger of evolve Magazine to open up a field for exploring the potential of dialogue to be core to an ecology of practices that can be foundational to collective sense-making and to a new culture. As in all evolve LIVE! events, participants are invited to join in dialogue and to be part of the creation of Logos itself.

John Vervaeke became internationally known through his impressive YouTube series, Awakening from the Meaning Crisis. Following this, through his many YouTube dialogues with scientists, philosophers, and activists, he has become an exemplar of the ethos of a new global dialogue culture. Thomas Steininger, in addition to being with evolve, has developed a particular practice called emergent dialogue. Thomas and John share the perception that the dialogue and We-Space practices that are emerging around the globe are the seed of a new capacity for collective meaning making in a trans-individualist culture that is just at the beginning of being birthed. John and Thomas also share the deep conviction that, in these new practices, the meaning of life finds a living environment to unfold itself free of dogma or ideology in an unending openness. To use John’s words, one can listen to the unfolding of Logos in dialogos.


DATE: Friday, January 21, 2022

TIME: 18.00 to 21.00 CET, 12noon to 3:00pm US-EST (For other locations, please check World Time Buddy.)


COST: This event is part of the “evolve gift cycle.” That means you can support it with a contribution at your own discretion. (To cover our costs in producing the event, on average, that comes to 30 euros per person) If you can, feel free to give more. By doing so, you are supporting others to join and enabling us to organize these events in this way. Feel free to give as much as is possible and appropriate for you. And if it’s not possible, feel free to take it as a gift.

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