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Donnerstag, den 23. September 2021, 20 Uhr

Global Goals for Our Inner Development

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Thomas Steininger in dialogue with Jan Artem Henriksson

In 2015, the UN presented the Sustainable Development Goals, a comprehensive plan for a sustainable world by 2030. The seventeen goals cover a wide range of issues that involve people with different needs, values, and convictions.

But the outer conditions to create a sustainable world need a comparable inner development. We, as individuals and organizations, also have to develop to be able to create greater sustainability. How do we need to develop? What could goals for inner development be?

Jan Artem Henriksson is part of an research initiative that tries to do to find answers to this question. The initiative was founded by the Ekskäret Foundation and The New Division in Sweden, in cooperation with the University in Stockholm and companies like Ikea, Erickson and Spotify. They just finished Phase One where they selected 23 categories  for human development that could help ensure a sustainable future for our planet. In Phase Two, they will look for ways and techniques how those transformational inner skills can be achieved.

In this week’s Radio evolve, Thomas Steininger speaks with Jan Artem Henriksson about an exciting initiative to articulate and implement Inner Development Goals for a world that needs us to evolve.


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