Global Integral Awakens…

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A conversation with Bence Ganti  

Several years ago, I gave a talk at the European Integral Conference about how integral is not yet global.
At that time, Integral Theory was mainly a Western, and perhaps to a good degree Californian, concept. My Indian, East Asian, and South American integral friends found themselves marginalizedby a US/European understanding of human development.  

Since then, the situation has has evolved in new ways. Bence Ganti, the main organizer of the European Integral Conferences has adviced organizing Integral conferences also in South Africa and in Latin America.
What has he learned about the emergence of integral perspectives globally?
On May 26-31, 2020, he will organize again the European Integral Conference in Hungary, this year with the title “Global Integral Awakens.”
The main presenters will include Robert Kegan and Otto Sharmer, but also Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq from Greenland and Lin Xuanyun from the integral movement in China.
What new forms of integralism are emerging around the world?

This week on Radio evolve, Thomas Steininger will talk with Bence Ganti about the awakening of a global Integral.