Integral awareness- a new soul for global activism

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Integral awareness – a new soul for global activism

Thomas Steininger und Christopher Cooke im Gespräch
Our wounded planet needs more than sustainable solutions. “Sustainable” isn’t a very inspiring or enlivening goal. What about solutions that regenerate life on all levels? Integral activist Christopher Cooke works in many countries around the world to help to develop new “regenerative solutions” for organizations and individuals. One of his focus points is a new holistic agriculture that takes into account far more than the crops, soil, and water: “regenerative practices use our resources in a way that restores and enhances its biological, psychological, social and cultural functions,” he says. And he also notes that we only can be regenerative if we cultivate a new integral awareness between us.
Christopher Cooke shows on his website 3LM Network many examples of this approach. Here is a video that shows how how we can produce wool with integral awareness: