Interconnected Leadership

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Thomas Steininger in dialogue with Mallika Dutt

We are interdependent with all life. With every inhale we breathe in alchemized oxygen from the trees. With every exhale we nourish the plants. We do live in a web of overlapping ecosystems. But the world that we created is ruled by division and conquest. Do we deeply understand that we belong together—as self, community, systems, and Earth?

As a strategic innovator, Mallika Dutt has pioneered effective approaches for social change through the founding of several nonprofits, including Breakthrough and Sakhi for South Asian Women. She has also provided transformational leadership in her roles as a Program Officer for Human Rights and Social Justice at the Ford Foundation’s New Delhi Office.

In the last few years, her work has focused on waking leaders up to the truth of our interconnection. She asks us to question our current paradigms. In this world of division and isolation, what can really motivate us to become an agent of our shared well-being with people and planet?

In this week on Radio evolve, Dr. Thomas Steininger talks with Mallika Dutt about Interconnected Leadership.