Israel – How Women Wage Peace

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Thomas Steininger und Yael Treidel im Gespräch
Diese Woche haben wir in Radio evolve international unserer englischsprachigen Sendung einen Gast aus Israel:
There is no peace in Palestine/Israel. Worse than that, it seems that the whole world, including the Israelis and the Palestinians, have given up on peace. After decades of war and occupation, there is an endless spiral of radicalization on all sides. Woman Wage Peace was formed after the “Gaza War” in 2014 and now has 20.000 members. WWP received international attention in 2016 when more than 3000 Israeli and Palestinian women participated in a march from Northern Israel to Jerusalem. In this march, followed by another in 2017, and all of their activities, the women do what is unheard of in this troubled land: they work together, Israelis and Palestinians. And in so doing, they have started a dialogue that seems to be impossible but may be the only chance for change.

Thomas Steininger talks with Yael Treidel, one of the leaders of Women Wage Peace, about the possibility of dialogue in an impossible situation.