Radical Activism and the Transformation of Consciousness

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Thomas Steininger in dialogue with Mary Adams

These times are times for action. The climate catastrophe needs our full attention. Many people claim that activism is more important right now than any engagement for some “spiritual” transformation of consciousness and culture. Others are concerned that an exclusive focus on activism will miss the mark of what really has to change.

Mary Adams has devoted her entire life to the spiritual search, to awaken consciousness and transform culture. Now she is gluing her hand to the pavement the middle of British highways. She is deliberately taking actions that have led her to a cell in an English prison. Soon, she will be brought before the Court and tried.

Mary is convinced that, in these times, such radical actions are a way to live and spread the transformation of consciousness that we need. She shares her own story about the impact of Gandhian nonviolent resistance on her own consciousness. She also discusses the consciousness of the people she works together with as well as the consciousness of the people on the so-called “other side,” such as police officers, court clerks, and journalists.

In this week on Radio evolve, Mary Adams shares with Thomas Steininger how her activism is not only necessary but also part of the spiritual change we need.